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In nearly 10 years in fitness photography Arsenik Studios has produced numerous fitness magazine covers, and thousands of published images in a variety of publications. From workout spreads, to supplement ads our goal has always been quality and that will never change. I have always said that all those images are a team effort, from the models coming in great shape, to good spray tans and makeup and hair, to spot-on lighting on set as well as photo editing to polish the process off.

As with most growing companies, there are constantly exciting new opportunities and developments. Our team is always growing and studio is ever evolving. Just over 5 years ago, Arsenik Studios (at that time Arsenik Photography) went through its first growth expansion and resulted in the hiring of Jo Callingham. Many of you have met Jo over the years on set and behind the scenes dealing with image editing and selection.

As a photography graduate of Langara Collage in Vancouver, Jo is no stranger to being behind the lens. She also runs her own successful portrait and wedding photography business, Vanilla Bean. Although we originally planned that Jo would get behind the lens sooner, our workload continued to rapidly increase each year, which resulted in her needing to split her time on set and with image editing. Over 5 years of working at Arsenik Studios, her contribution to the company has helped us to excel to the level we are at today.

In the last year, Jo has been transitioning her role to a more active part of photography at Arsenik Studios. Currently, she shoots some of our commercial work as well as some of our fitness commissioned work. Over the last year some of her images have appeared in the pages of Inside Fitness including a few in last year’s Hot and Fit 100 issue.

How do you know which images are Jo’s? Well, if you can’t pick them out from the rest of ours, then that means we have accomplished our goal as one of the key elements of this transition, which is to retain that “Arsenik” look. Being on set for so many years and working closely with me, has allowed Jo to familiarize herself with our signature look both in studio and on location. The addition of Jo to the photographer roster at Arsenik Studios has been a work in progress since the day she started working at the studio over 5 years ago. I can now say with confidence that the quality will be consistent no matter who is behind the lens.

One of the biggest accomplishments for a photographer is shooting the cover of a magazine in your respective niche market. For fashion photographers it could be the cover of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar, for photojournalists it could be the cover of Time or Life magazine. For fitness photographers one of those big achievements would be the cover of Inside Fitness magazine, which has just celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary. Being included on the list of cover photographers such as Paul Buceta, Jason Ellis, Noel Daganta, Gregory James, Jojo Ablang and quite a few by myself, Arthur Kwiatkowski is quite an achievement for any photographer. I couldn’t be any happier or more proud of Jo for having achieved this milestone in her photography career.

Here is the latest cover of Inside Fitness for Women and a glimpse at the workout feature inside shot by Jo Callingham. Looking forward to seeing many more features and covers shot by Jo!


IFW4_Hardcore Ainsley Cover Story-1

IFW4_Hardcore Ainsley Cover Story-2

IFW4_Hardcore Ainsley Cover Story-3

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